Friday, March 20, 2009

Picky Eaters

I saw this Omamas post on the topic of picky eaters. It's a podcast that provides advice on how to get your kid to eat a balanced diet. According to Connie Warner, the dietician, one should not force one's children to eat, one should not bribe kids with other foods, and one should not allow children to snack too much throughout the day. I'm guilty of the first two.

This is a popular topic, as I saw Kimchi Mamas had a different take on the issue just last month.

I guess we all have our theories and practices, and I suppose there is no single correct answer. As for me, I'm probably in between the Omamas dietician and the Kimchi Mama, but I probably lean somewhat towards the Kimchi Mama. I will sometimes heat up something different if I know my son will absolutely refuse to eat what we're eating, but I will ask my son to try different things, and I will pressure him to a certain degree. My reason is this: it's not just about diet. It's about respecting the different foods that nourish us, and it's about learning to like different tastes. I actually find it hard to go out with people who are very picky eaters, and I'd prefer that my children have a wide range of foods that they are able to eat. Enjoying a wide range of foods, I believe, opens up a wide range of social and cultural opportunities in life.

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Andrea said...

I have a teenager in high school and a toddler in diapers. I have always believed that making a "big deal" about what your children eat is counterproductive. I have always focused on feeding my family healthy foods without making a big deal about it or pointing out the healthy and not so healthy foods. We are a Korean/German/American family and love kimchi as well as Bratwurst.

When my older son was younger, people would always comment on how amazing it was that he ate vegetables, etc. I got really upset by these comments as I didn't want him to think that there was something special or unusual about eating vegetables. We eat salads and vegetables every day, and it's normal. At the same time, I don't think it's the end of the world when I bake some cookies and my children have some.