Saturday, April 04, 2009

Angry Rice Daddy

Since Oliver blogged about Jeff, I'll blog about Jason. Jason was honored yesterday at Angry Asian Man as the "Angry Reader of the Week." See the interview here. It's good to see Asian daddies getting web coverage. Great interview too--I liked the fact that there was an activist bent in what he had to say.


daddy in a strange land said...

Heh. Thanks, bigWOWO. :) BTW, Oliver, Big Poppa himself, was featured at the end of Jan.:

That caused a quite humorous outburst by his partner on Poplicks, Junichi, about how come he got passed over. Of course, AAM then featured Junichi. :) Hey Junichi, now that you're a new daddy, you're always welcome over here! ;-)

bigWOWO said...

Oh wow! I think that was before I was blogging here.

Congrats also, Oliver.