Thursday, October 15, 2009

When Your Kid Says Too Much

This is more of a Rice Boy post rather than a Rice Daddy post--since the dad is White--but I thought it raised some interesting parenting questions. So you've all heard about the boy who everyone thought was in the runaway balloon--authorities were scrambling in fear that a six year old boy was in a helium balloon that he had supposedly set aflight, and when the balloon landed, he wasn't there. It turned out that the little boy was hiding in the attic.

So in the clip above, on Wolf Blitzer's show, the father asks the son why he was didn't come out of the attic when they called him. Six year old Falcon responded, "You guys said that we did this for the show." Obviously, this called into question whether or not the whole thing was a publicity stunt. The fact that the family was previously on the show Wife Swap--twice--does suggest a bit of, um, camera love.

Though I do feel a bit suspicious that the kid didn't come out of the attic when called, I won't be casting accusations--it really isn't for me to judge. In either case though, how embarrassing! I watch what I say all the time in front of my kids, but if this was indeed a publicity stunt, what crazy way to have the lid blown off the story!

I've found that having kids has made me a lot more straight forward. My son repeats things all the time, and the last thing I need is for him to blow the lid off any of my stories. You almost have to be straight and open and a lot more certain about where you stand on issues.

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