Friday, April 13, 2012

An attack on stay-at-home moms, or a Republican hail-Mary?

Thank you, Rachel Maddow! I too was wondering why Ann Romney deserved an apology. I don't get why Democrats turned on Hilary Rosen or why they let the Repubs turn this into an issue.

Being the wife of a guy from a politics family worth hundreds of millions of dollars does not even come close to putting Ann Romney on the same level as women who work for survival--or even regular middle class women who don't have access to the wealth that pays for help. It's a "choice" for Ann Romney because she's filthy rich; not everyone has that "choice." It's insulting how Romney made this statement against working women by turning to his wife and then suddenly pretends Hilary Rosen was attacking stay-at-home moms. It shows how out of touch the Repubs are with real women.


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