Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Educating Children about Food

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I thought some of you might enjoy this. Jamie Oliver, a winner of the 2010 TED Prize, talks about how America can help its young people live longer and healthier through better school cafeteria programs and education about food. His recommendations are interesting: kids should know what they're eating, and they should be able to cook at least ten healthy recipes by the time they leave school.

I credit Jamie Oliver for starting my own interest in cooking. He makes it sound fun, and he communicates his passion for food through his words. I think this is a good prescription not just for schools, but also for parents. We parents need to do more to raise our children to appreciate and to know food.


Keith Wilcox said...

That advice would have been great if my parents had heard it. I still don't know 10 recipes, and that sorta pisses me off. Jamie Oliver is one of my favorites because he makes stuff that I can actually make and it's healthy too. My kids are going to be better cooks than me for sure (not saying much, but still...)

bigWOWO said...


I'm hoping my kids are better cooks than me too. Although I must say that the internet has encouraged me to try new things. I like the fact that most celebrity chefs these days are into making food healthier.

Obiwanhavanese said...

I love the new show, it's mind-boggling to me that the school administrator in Huntington, WV can consider french fries sufficient to satisfy the vegetable requirement.