Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bullies and technology and the meanness that is on the rise

(from bigWOWO)

I saw this article in the Times today: The Playground Gets Even Tougher. It's about how kids are getting nastier and nastier at younger ages. Girls in particular can be very mean. In light of the Tyler Clementi incident and other suicides, the entire news media has been focusing intently on bullying and how to prevent it. With the power that comes from new technology--blogs, social networking, and cellphones--the bullying issue is only getting worse. Little kids are learning to hate themselves when victimized by bullies. And what's worse, as mentioned in the article, is that many parents encourage this kind of behavior. I think this statement is probably accurate:

“The girls who are the victims tend to be raised by parents who encourage them to be more age appropriate,” Ms. Rosenman said. “The mean girls are 8 but want to be 14, and their parents play along. They all want to be top dog.” And so the nastiness begins.

On another Asian American website, I read a story about how a blogger's young daughter was getting bullied. When the blogger went to the school, she actually saw another student getting bullied. When she confronted the bully, the little twerp responded with a racial epithet.

When and how does this end?


tommy riles said...

Thanks for raising this awareness at an important time! I work on the "ellen" show, and we have been discussing, and hoping to put an end to this!

bigWOWO said...

Thanks, Tommy.

I just took a look at your site. That's some cool stuff you've got there!

Bullying is more complex these days than it used to be. Hopefully we can put an end to it.

Anonymous said...

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