Monday, April 10, 2006

Black Korea II: Bruce Lee-Roy

My baby has made some milestones. He turned a month old yesterday, so we celebrated by relegating him to the crib instead of co-sleeping. We were ready for a night of hell but of all things, he just did it. Two or three hours at a time just like in bed. We were so proud and rested. Of course, then he had a diaper explosion in the swing that somehow showered the whole seat, padding, and white buckles with his distinctive saffron colored offerings. He sounds like a barn now. He does the Daily Show Dick Cheney penguin, gaggle of geese, Mr. Ed, and plenty of goats. Gas I guess or me constipated?

Just for Daddy in a Strange Land, here is a great piece on Hines Ward, the Amerasian half-Black, half-Korean Superbowl MVP winning wide receiver for the Steelers. He went back to Korea with his mom and received a hero's welcome but tried to spotlight the intolerance that non-ethnic Koreans receive in South Korea. The whole reason his mother refused to move back when she divorced his father and had to hold down 3 jobs to raise him in Atlanta where she couldn't even speak English. Its heartening to know Hines appreciates her struggle and we of course get reference to his Asian work ethic and humbleness. [The USA Today article].

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papa2hapa said...

I like Hines Ward. Great WR.

About moving the baby to the crib. If it doesn't work...don't sweat it. Sometimes it's easier to keep them in the bed with you.

If he cries, bring him back...we had the Noodle in our bed until she was 3. It can be tough, but it's good for the baby, reduces the risk of SIDS, and increases "attachment" between you and the baby.

By the way...damn cute pic.