Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sympathetic weight???

I never knew what sympathetic weight was until now. My wife and I were comparing both our bellies recently, and while she is 26 weeks now, I think I measure about 28 weeks. How in the world did this happen, and do all soon to be dad's go through this. Of course this all comes from the diet. When she wants to eat a late night meal, I get to eat what she does not finish. She does not want to go to the gym anymore so I don't go either. I know she has an excuse for gaining weight, but I have none unfortunately.

So I decided to buy her one of those pregnancy and being fit workout videos. There are a ton of studies showing the benefit of exercise for pregnant women, like relieving back pain, improving constipation, improving the labor experience, and post pregnancy recovery. She has been doing those workouts. Trying to be the supportive husband that I am, I decided to join her. Can I just tell you how ashamed I am. The workout is about 20 minutes with an annoying teacher saying things like "show off those sexy legs" and "Use those abds and hug the baby". The rest of the ladies behind her doing the workout are pregnant at different stages. When we do the mambo and cha cha move, its game over for me at that point since I have 2 left feet. I think I lasted 10 minutes before I almost collapsed in exhaustion. What's up with that? These pregnant ladies including my wife being able to have more endurance than me. I think I will create a video for men of pregnant women. It will incorporate exercises that will help to get up and down from the couch, raise pizza to the mouth, remind the guy not to say yes when his wife asks if she is getting fat, and to remind him to tell his wife she is sexy while pregnant, and the video will also have some women yelling profanities at you to harden you up when the actual labor comes. Lots of videos for pregnant women, but not many for the man that I know of.

Like alot of people, I have determined to lose this weight before the baby comes. Any tips?


daddy in a strange land said...

Dude, good luck! ;)

Being a SAHD, at least I had my daily baby/dog-walks around the neighborhood, and I always pretended that chasing a newly mobile toddler around all day was exercise enough. Now, I sit in front of computer all day. I try to cook healthily and eat healthily, but I know it's not enough... You're trying to get into shape before the baby comes--just wait till after! You'll be tired, there'll be so much to do in so little time...

Sorry, not to be a downer--full disclosure, I've never been an exercising type. :) Maybe it'll be different for you.

Newbie Dad said...

Yeah, I'm still trying to lose the weight I gained after my wife and I got married, let alone all the weight I gained during her pregnancy.

Maybe we should all get together and make a video. ;)

thisislarry said...

bwahhhhh hah hahah!

dude, you are so screwed.

This is item #1 in the menu of "man if they told me this before we had kids we would have thought alot harder about it."

Coming up next:

2) whatever you do at the delivery, DONT look between her legs. just DONT. You will.

3) Sleep? Oh yeah, people like me will tell you how little sleep you will get but you will not believe it.

4) Social life? it will revolve around feeding schedules, sleeping schedules, proximity to changing tables, playdate partners, in short, everything but "What does daddy want to do"

5) Sex? see 1 - 4 above.

6) Looking forward to seeing that Iwo Jima movie? see items 3 and 4

7) the one which makes it all worth it: you will not believe that your heart has enough love to have made so much for your new baby, and still have just as much, if not more, for your partner.

but really, dont sweat it :)

- thisis -seven-years-later-and -still-trying-to-lose-the -sympathy-weight- larry

Henri said...

Hahahahaha. What are you going to wish for next, the ability to run a 6 minute mile or that day when you stood facing Royce Hall, a young man with the world at your feet and women at your beck and call? My friend, some things in life only go one way and once they're gone...they're gone. Hellloooooo belly.

Anonymous said...

My pregnant wife vomits just about every day. While comforting her in the bathroom, I take a good look at the pre-digested meal that I just cooked. It's a great deterent to overeating or even eating at all. So far, I've actually lost weight while my wife has barely kept it on.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely looking forward to some more encouraging feedback on this point. My wife is around 22 weeks, and I figure I'm at about 19 or 20. My thought has always been that with the expected sleep loss, harried schedules, etc., that that was really my golden opportunity to try to lose some of this extra poundage. Sounds like that might not the slam-dunk I (pathetically) hoped it would be...?