Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pick It Up

As a ska fan, this is quite possibly the coolest thing I've seen on Yo Gabba Gabba. An upbeat, knees-up tune by GoGo13 and Alex Desert from Hepcat. References to Prince Buster, rude boys, Rhoda Dakar, Go Feet records, 2-Tone, Vespas and Judge Roughneck mixed in among a primary message of cleaning up your room. It's from the "Move" episode. It's freaking brilliant. Hurry before it gets taken down by the Man.



daddy in a strange land said...

Pretty cool.

I have to admit, haven't gotten into YGG as much as I thought I would--The Pumpkin isn't that impressed, and my wife can't stand it either. :)

Have you seen the pirate ep of Backyardigans? You know how they do a different genre every ep--that's the reggae ep, but they squeezed in a ska song as the recurring refrain. Nothing like watching your baby run around the house singing "Arrr, arrr, arr arr arr..." (The surfing ep with Afrobeat music ain't bad either.)

SoulSnax said...

Man, that little roughneck pick it up diddy blew my mind as I was gettin high on coffee the other day. I watched it over and over again. how about that hand-fart performance of twinkle twinkle? that was just wicked.

While the 9-month old sunshine likes to dance whenever DJ Lance comes on, her favorite show right now has got to be Fraggle Rock. It just mesmerizes her. No other show on TV comes close to holding her attention.

thisislarry said...

its just not fair. I seem to be a stoplight ahead of hipster daddyhood. First, I missed the whole designer daddy-bag thing, the whole Bugaboo stroller thing, and now, the hipster kid shows. I am so bummed, maybe we need to make another lil one, just so's I have an excuse to watch "Pick it Up" a couple hundred more times.