Monday, February 04, 2008

Can you tell the Difference?

Each pic is from a Superbowl XLII commercial. The first one uses a racist caricature of Asians. The second one makes use of sexually suggestive language. Can you tell me what the difference between these commercials is?
The difference is Fox was fine with airing the racist commercial but decided the Danica Patrick commercial was inappropriate for viewers.
Anyone see something wrong with this? Apparently the company (who I shall not even bother naming) intended to make the worst Superbowl commercial for the publicity. Great. Well, I'm going to hold Fox responsible for this one.


daddy in a strange land said...

It gets worse. The CEO of the company that ran both the panda ad and another with an accented Indian cubicle jockey with seven kids wrote the ads himself--and he's South Asian. Grrrr.

SoulSnax said...

In case you're wondering why Monster Daddy's post is relevant to daddyhood in general, and Asian daddyhood specifically...

Take a look at the last line in this article:

"Our children's future self-image depends on what we do now."

So, what do we do now? Who is to blame? Are we to blame for supporting the networks with our hard-earned dollars? How does one hold Fox responsible for this?

Do we declare jihad on the networks and put a price on the heads of network executives? Should we hit them where it hurts by encouraging the piracy of their diversity-negligent content? Of course not, don't be ridiculous. Besides, that would be illegal.

On the contrary, thou shalt stand idly by. Thou shalt be good model minorities through thy meekness and thy humility. Thou shalt focus on thy math and practice thy violin. Never mind that ignorant media executives are complicit in perpetuating the negative stereotypes of Asians. Thou shalt be grateful for their permission to stay in this land that was mercilessly stolen from the Native Americans. Thou shalt accept the fact that thy children and thy children's children shall be perpetual foreigners in this land.

We have an obligation to continue paying the Racial Subjugation Tax by supporting producers of diversity-negligent content. Thou shalt not PIRATE racist content. Thou shalt consume only LEGITIMATE copies of racist content.

It's the least we could do. If we don't like it, we should all go back to China where we belong.

"Our children's future self-image depends on what we do now."


thisislarry said...

Hey, I thought the ad with the South Indian salesman was genius!

When else have you heard / seen a south asian as the hero on mainstream TV, even of a dorky animated ad?

And, especially, when have you heard a south asian name pronounced without the sterotypical 'stutter'?

I thought it was great when the boss says "our employee of the year is Rajat Chandrapani (I'm sure I'm messing up that name)!!!" and doesnt flinch at the name!

I mean, hey, for someone with memories of people making fun of my last name, I thought this was a great ad.

thisislarry said...

... and if we are talking about distasteful adds, lets not forget the Yellow Book ads with David Carradine reprising his role as the poser asian martial arts grasshoppa from Kung Fu.

Anonymous said...

What about the ad... I think it was for Bud Light... Anyway, I think Carlos Mencia was trying to school some east asians and south asian guys on how to pick up women at a bar with their foreign accents. Isn't that stereotype over yet?

kwaninator said...

turn the other cheek...imagine

it could've been worse like

if we were in 1940's world war II

times now

and ads played


cartoons of

"arab terrorists"?

may have

been the case

at a local movie house...

back then

but with such a massive

audience for S.B. LXLII

it could never happen here

even when

we are living during time of war

and i'm glad it didn't!