Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We're on Alltop, baby!

I've been a fan of Guy Kawasaki's blog-topic-feed-aggregator Alltop since I first learned about it from Citymama just a month ago. It's a great timesaver and an at-a-glance way to keep up with what's going on in certain topic areas of the blogosphere, like getting to see the rss feed reader of a really well-read friend. In my work life, I've been enjoying the Social Media and Journalism topics, and, of course, checking out how the other half lives on the Moms page.

Alltop launched with the Moms topic already on board, and as they've been adding channels, I've been waiting for dads to come up. And now, they have! has a lot of familiar names, including, of course, our own MetroDad right up at the top in first position. But the coolest thing is that we're there too, thanks to a tip from MJ, the head-nanay-in-charge over at Filipina Moms. (Salamat po, mare!) [Was that right? I'm only pinoy by marriage, heh.]

So, that means two things: One, my brothas, better get your typing fingers in gear cuz now we got people watching! And two, uh, Guy? Email us. Seriously. You've got four kids! You're a mack daddy Rice Daddy. Join us!

[Oh, one more thing. Looking at other channels, I noticed that most of them, in the Alltop bar that stays static on your screen as you scroll, have a link to the main Alltop page--but on the Dads page, it says, "Perhaps we can interest you in our Sports and Autos topics." It's just me, but I thought that was hilarious. I love niche marketing. Heh.]

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Mat Johnson said...

Congrats, man. You've earned it.