Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holiday Eats!

photo: Latkes? oh yes, latkes, in the Thisislarry household.

Pony Princess has been going on about latkes and Hanukkah for the last several weeks. At the bookstore the other day, they had dreidels at the front counter, and both kids had to have one. Finally, on the first night of Hanukkah, Pony Princess managed to turn the end of a playdate with one of her buddies into an invitation from said buddy to Hanukkah dinner, and she returned with not only a story about she got to help choose the menorah, but a fistful of chocolate coins!

I could take it no more.

Finally, I had reach out to fellow RD Daddy in a Strange Land and the NY Times: Must. Have. Latkes. Fortunately, Mark Bittman's recipes seemed easy enough to follow, and my bar was pretty low, being that the last time I had something labelled "latkes" they were frozen triangular hash brown patties from Fedco.

DIASL's dear wife La Dra had this sage advice to add: it's all in the technique--be sure to squeeze out all the liquid from your grated potatoes and onions. and for those now about to whip out the taters and shredder, I used Bittman's recipe #1.

I don't know how authentic they were, these latkes, but they were gooood.

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pacificamatt said...

Latkes aren't rocket science, I'm sure yours were great!

For future frying: in general fancy potatoes (Yukon gold, red new) don't work because they break up in the pan, but once I tried it with those purple potatoes and they were awesome. Plus, blue latkes!

Also, experiment with spices. I add rosemary and thyme, which is awesome, but I'll bet, say, cilantro and a dash of red pepper would be great too.

-Jewish daddy