Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Dollar and A Song

I've gotten into the habit of including a You Tube video in my posts to distract from the monotony of text. When it came to choosing a video for money, I found it harder than usual to decide on one video that would best accompany the post.

I ended up selecting the Flying Lizards cover of Money. But wonder if one of these wouldn't have been more appropriate:

What's your favorite money song? Why?


Anonymous said...

Great picks. I would add Pink Floyd's Money.

~ A RiceDaddies reader

Ka_Jun said...

+1, no Pink Floyd!?!?

natalie said...

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Vincent said...

Ah, Floyd! Good choice! Thank you Anon and Ka Jun!

Vincent said...

And natalie you naughty girl... still having HOT NBA SEXY DREAM MOVIES I see...