Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ABCs v. FOBs in Flushing Queens

Last week on WNYC, there was this very cute story by Rookie Reporter Helen Peng, on her observations of the differences and occasional conflicts between ABCs (American Born Chinese) and FOBs (Fresh Off the Boat). I'm not Chinese, nor have I had the chance to check out Flushing, so I was surprised to learn about the differences between the various waves of immigration within the Chinese-American community.

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vincent said...

Thanks for posting this. It was a hearty chuckle this morning. While it was funny, it also made me sort of sad how people don't really change despite the years and diaspora. ABCs, FOBs, Twinkies, and Eggs. There's always room for a little ribbing but we also must value and respect each other - We also must understand a certain amount of assimilation means common ground and not the forsaking of one's roots - I'm ABC (back then you were just dismissed as Jook Sing) and that spitting thing is nasty. ;-)