Wednesday, March 09, 2011

It's only cute if you're five

Sometimes I am amazed by the things a small child can get away with in the name of cuteness.

The following is a list of things that Snow Girl will do on a near daily basis to try and get my attention, try and get out of trouble, or just try...period.

1. Get naked in the middle of the living room.

2. Smack her butt while looking at herself in a mirror.

3. Pull down her underwear and lie on her back to "air out."

4. Rub lotion on her whole body in awkward gyrations.

5. Run naked to give me a hug in the name of "warmth."

6. Climb partially naked onto the dog for hugs.

7. Try and pretend breastfeed on my nipples.

8. Wiggle her butt in my general direction.

9. Fart while expounding on the goings on of the day.

10. Announce she has to poop and then proceed to give play-by-play of the process.

I find this unabashed freedom of her quite exhilarating, and I'm taking notes so I can try all these things when I'm 90 and old in a nursing home.

Not sure if it will be cute then, especially the naked hugs on dogs.

Despite all her oddities and sometimes infuriating spirited attitude, she can be terribly sweet and charming. Once I get past all her insistence that I just don't love her enough, or that I'm too mean, or that I don't listen (the last one might be true because it's hard to listen after you've had your ear whined off for thirty minutes), she comes back to you after some moments of silence and produces this:

It's hard to stay mad at a kid when she draws you pictures. Especially when you're the cool guy wearing the tie and standing next to the princess.

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Lincoln Yue said...

I'm sure that's really cute but i'm not sure how I would handle the gyrations or pretend breastfeeding! I only have one son right now.. maybe i'll find out later! Thanks for the post!