Wednesday, November 01, 2006


There are a few things that transcend...well just about everything. Many have tried to express the love a Father has for his son. If there can be a universal truth that ties all people and has the hope for healing all differences it is the shared understanding of the love between a parent and child. Up until today, I have cried seven times in my life. The first six times happened the day I was born, the seventh happened when UCLA won the NCAA Basketball championship in 1995. I was doing pretty good and feeling pretty macho until today. Today I have cried 327 times. This is the number of times I have watched this video about the amazing Dick and Rick Hoyt. Simply put, Rick is a son born with cerebral palsy. Dick is his father who, like many fathers, has an immeasurable love for his son. Unlike many fathers, Dick has demonstrated his love in a way that can truly inspire all of us.


Brooke said...

This made me cry too! What an awesome father.

Dr. Lo Siento said...

Oh man,
Gave me a good cry this morning. I wish all dads could love their children this much.