Friday, March 02, 2007

Blogaversary Book Review Contest Wrap-Up

Taking a quick break from our usual fare of AsAm dad sports injuries, I thought I'd wrap up our Blogaversary Children's Book Review Contest by announcing our winners and prizes.

First, thanks to our reviewers: Honglien123, Naomi Shapiro, Kim, Mommy de Gallo, Rachel, Stephanie, Christina Williams, Superha, Kerri Aldrich, Carol, eliaday, and peachboy. It was great to read about your childhood favorites and why you want to share them with your kids, to discover some new finds and be reminded of old favorites.

So, who won? Thanks to the generosity of Kane/Miller Book Publisherseverybody! Each of our reviewers will receive a different book (selected at random) from the following list of twelve titles from Kane/Miller's catalog of children's books originally published in Asian countries:

My Cat Copies Me (S. Korea)
New Clothes for New Year's Day (S. Korea)
The Zoo (S. Korea)
While We Were Out (S. Korea)
Yellow Umbrella (S. Korea)
The Story of Cherry the Pig (Japan)
Who's Hiding? (Japan)
Happy Birthday Coco (Japan)
Singing Shijimi Clams (Japan)
Guji Guji (Taiwan)
The Mats (Philippines)
Kali and the Rat Snake (India)

See? Everybody got something! Don't you wish you had entered? And another thing—you know we love our mommy readers, but yo, where my daddies at? Props to Peachboy for stepping up—what, the rest of y'all don't read to your kids? Heh. Show me up next time, okay?

Anyway, all our winners are invited to send us a review of the book they won for posting here on Rice Daddies. We hope you and your kids enjoy your books. And of course, i can't end this without giving an extra-special shout-out to Sondra LaBrie, Kane/Miller's marketing manager, without whom this wouldn't have happened. Or, it could've happened, you just wouldn't have actually won anything. Heh. Thanks, Sondra!

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming....


Stephanie said...

Yes Sondra, THANK YOU!

kim said...

Thanks to Sondra and the Rice Daddies for coming up with such a great contest... and even better prizes! I can't wait to read and review our new book!

Sondra LaBrie said...

You are ALL too kind.
Thank You for allowing us to participate.