Monday, June 18, 2007

Check this video

So I've been rocking the new Blue Scholars joint, Bayani, since it dropped last Tuesday, listening at work and playing it during my post-daycare-pick-up walks with The Pumpkin and our dog, Waldo (babygirl digs it). The Blue Scholars are a Seattle-based indie/alt/underground hip-hop duo made up of Pinoy MC Geologic (who, by the way, is a dad) and Persian American DJ/producer Sabzi, and they are unapologetically political while still bringing the funk. For an example, check the video for "Back Home," which is simultaneously a tribute to Americans of all colors serving their country in the Middle East, an emotional recognition of the struggles and sacrifices made by them and their families, and a deep, heartfelt call to "bring 'em back home." [Hat-tip to Boston Progress Radio, the new indie AsAm internet radio station, which Kimchi Mama Eliaday is a part of, for introducing me to the video.]


Tsukemonoki said...

It's sick... two-oh-sickness... Blue Scholars kills the pain in my chest. Thanks for the tip of the hat. Keep on listening.

eliaday said...

thanks for the shout out diasl!

i'm glad that there are other parents out there pushing politically conscious hip hop on their toddlers.

sigh. if only our girls could kick it together. =P