Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bar-Hopping with Baby: follow-up

My wife read my last post while she was away, and when she got back, she wasn't as freaked out as I thought she'd be. In fact, she was kinda impressed, being that it was the first time she's gone away since her heroic delivery five months ago. I wonder what she was expecting.

Anyway, we actually took Baby out to the pub again on Sunday afternoon. That makes three weekends in a row now that Baby has been out drinking with me, so I guess we've established a bit of a routine. Hey, it's summertime, we're young, and the baby loves it. We're teaching her socialization. Yeah, that's it. Socialization.

It was right after the festivities following the Philippine Independence Day Parade on Madison Ave. When the rain started, a huge group of us headed to Maker's Bar over on 3rd Ave. It was good to see my wife relaxing with friends she hadn't had the chance to chill with since the pregnancy. Meanwhile, uncle Mark and I drank San Miguel and used Baby as our little chick-magnet, getting loads of attention from the smokin-hot Filipinas coming in from the rain. There were a lot of them. Oooh, and they were wet too...


...the real reason for this follow-up post is because in my last post, I mentioned using that Baby Björn carrier. Well, today, my wife sent me the following link: Infant Carriers and Spinal Stress.

Basically, the article discusses the danger of using such carriers due to the stress it places upon an infant's developing lower spine. It's something my sister had mentioned once, but I'm surprised I haven't heard more about it. The article also explains the reasons why sling-type carriers are more ideal.


daddy in a strange land said...

I mentioned your link to my wife, who's a family doctor, and she hadn't heard much about this either. (Though admittedly, there's a great divide between MDs and chiropractics about some stuff, so I'm not that surprised.) We used a Bjorn for The Pumpkin for a long time, both facing inward and facing outward--she just wasn't into the sling. She didn't like the backpack I bought for our big trip this summer either. :(

On your other topic, though, enjoy getting out with your little one at this stage, dude. When kids turn mobile, it gets a lot harder. :)

Jennifer said...

I have heard of the problems with using the Bjorn type carriers. We use a Mei Tei (an asian type carrier) which allows you to wear the baby on your front or back but not facing outward. The baby is actually "sitting" in the carrier as opposed to hanging. Very comfortable for both kiddo and parent alike.

SoulSnax said...


When you say "Asian," which culture in particular? It's a big continent you know. Not that I have to explain that here!! :)

Reason I ask is cuz yesterday a bartender attempted to demonstrate with her oversized shawl/scarf how Koreans strap their babies onto their bodies. Didn't work out cuz the scarf wasn't long enough, but I got the idea. It looked like it could work, with proper support and everything the way it was wrapped. I forget what she called it though.

Trixie said...

I do believe that your last pub post is the culprit behind a certain group of soon-to-be or just-became Dads deciding that "Daddy Play Dates" would be held at Taco Mac. They justified this decision to us new-moms and soon-to-be-moms as:

1. Teaching the children sports and sports sign language (ref calls) as a means to improve paternal bonds and to increase their acceptance with peers

2. Opportunity to explain the merits of various beers to the children and thus avoid attendance at keg parties later in life (because keg parties have cheap nasty beer apparently and our children will be certified beer snobs)

3. Opportunity for the children to meet other adults (namely fine young waitresses who feel coddling babies and toddlers a good way to pass the day)

4. Opportunity for the men to discuss serious parenting issues (like what?)

When I asked if they had read your blog, one wife said "oh yes, Eric reads it." Nuff Said.

Your influence knows no bounds :)

jennifer said...

soulsnax -

Believe it or not these type of carriers are commonly refered to as "ABCs" - or "asian baby carriers". Anyway - the mei tei is Chinese. There are also podegi which are Korean, onbuhimo which are Japanese and hmong (Vietnamese?) carriers. Pretty much all a variation on a theme. Serious baby wearers often own more than one kind.