Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life in the Little Leagues

Anticipation: Rabbit Dragon and teammates waiting for their turn to bat at the big diamond during a fundraiser.

Ironic, when Monster Daddy was getting all excited by the start of Little League season, I was apprehensively looking forward to Rabbit Dragon's first time in the little league.

Now that the season's almost over, it's sad to hear that Monster D is having issues with his little leaguer's coach, while I've been thrilled at how much fun Rabbit Dragon is having, especially compared to my less-than-stellar memories. Everyone on his team gets to play, and its amazing to see how the kids (2nd graders and 1st graders) have gotten more skilled over the season. His coaches are amazing, and they're all volunteers. Plus, the 3 y.o. younger son of the team manager seems to be engaged to my 4 y.o. Princess Pony. Join LL, gain in-laws ;)

My dad cleared it up for me, one day while watching one of Rabbit Dragon's little league games. Turns out that back when I was a boy, the local LL teams really played to win. Because I sucked, I warmed the bench most of the time. No wonder I remember little league as a downer. Those experiences soured me on team sports all through school. I hope that Rabbit Dragon's postive experience becomes a positive influence on his life.


Monster Daddy said...

Larry, I am so glad your son had a great season. It can be a lot of fun and kids can learn a lot about themselves. Good thing LL instituted MPR (minimum play rules) and continuous batting orders. Hope he plays againin in the fall.

Fortunately, our season is finally over. My son's manager actually got suspended for a game for yelling publicly at a parent (me, for trying to stop him from breaking the rules, LOL!) Too bad it wasn't permanent but I don't think the league will let him back in as a manager.

Going to my 20th year High School reunion today and when I get back I'll have to write up that experience. And I have to get my son trained for the All-Star tryouts. :)

angie said...

it's good to hear that someone is having a great time in LL. though i think my daughter (7) would make a great athlete, she doesn't want to - so we don't. my son (almost 5) also would make a great athlete, but i want him to be a little older and more 'patient' before he starts LL or soccer - i'd prefer he'd be about 7 or so . . .

i worry too much about getting one of those crazed parents on our team and ruining it for the rest of us. team sports can be something amazing IF it's a good experience . . .