Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Folding a "Onesie" Requires an Engineering Degree

Nakko & I spent our Memorial Day weekend rearranging the nursery and laundering all the baby clothes we've bought/received. We read somewhere that it was necesarry to wash all our baby's clothing before she's born, so we did.

The other reason that necessitated our weekend laundry adventure was that I grabbed all the Dreft samples given out at our last birthing class. That isn't considered stealing, is it? They were "free samples" after all. I didn't see any signage about two-sample limits. Then again, my parents used to own a Chinese Buffet and curse the customers who'd stuff egg rolls in their pockets. My god, what kind of example am I be setting for our unborn daughter?!

Anyway, after we washed her clothes, came the task of folding everything. The title of this post is a little misleading, since folding the onesies wasn't all that difficult. I just like typing "onesie." The real pains were the pajamas with booties and theses kimono-esque outfits my parents brought back from Hong Kong. There are all these ribbons and bows we don't know what to do with.

See, my wife and I have a pretty structured system of folding the laundry. You should see us folding t-shirts, boxers, socks, jeans, what-have-you; we're the freakin' Gap on laundry nights! But these tiny little clothes have pretty much left us befuddled.


daddy in a strange land said...

Heh--you're still folding the laundry. Wait till the kid comes and you're lucky to have a minute to stuff the clean stuff in a drawer. :)

BTW, check this out re: "onesie," heh: http://daddytypes.com/2004/12/28/re_onesies_.php

And re: folding, you gonna swaddle? We used those specially made blanket things with longer sides and stuff, but there's this book too:


Henri said...

Forget folding and forget matching unless your the type to actually keep your bottle parts all the same and your sippy cups together. You need drawers or boxes labeled...


dont ever buy more than one brand of baby socks. it's a disaster.
Sippy cups too, just buy the same type so all the dongles are compatible. And don't do ANY baby related stuff until the baby is out, because thats a just a really sick way of wasting Baby-Free time.

la dra said...

Anyone have any theories on how Dreft monopolized the baby laundry market? I think the Baby Bargains book sheds some light.

We have the same "system" as henri- tops, bottoms, sleepwear, socks. But I also labeled "to be worn" boxes by size (6-9 mos and 12 mos etc) because I'm anal like that.

thisislarry said...

thanks RakuMon, you brought up some great memories:

- first time taking a wittle baby sock out of the dryer and being amazed at how small it was.

- first time realizing that instead of two sets of clothes piles, there would be three (and now four)

- first time realizing that baby Rabbit Dragon just dont care if his clothes are wrinkled, and even if he does, it'll be at least 12 months before he can muster up a complaint.

daddy in a strange land said...

Yo, you got linked to on Babble's StrollerDerby:

(And it wasn't even by CityMama or MetroDad! Heh...)

kim said...

Is this real? Are you guys GUYS?

I love this...discussing laundry folding, organizing (yeah for the one brand of sock idea!), and Dreft.

You guys warm my jaded heart.

Henri said...

What are you wearing?