Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's all our faults!

Korean American woman pretends to be Stanford student for eight months.

This should be a valuable lesson to us as Asian parents: chill on the collegiate pressure! We should be open to our kids being imposters at state schools too, not just Stanford.

--Poppa Large


Henri said...

Ummm...let's wait until the facts come out and we know for sure what the actual situation for this poor, obviously distressed, young woman are before we leap to the conclusion that she is in fact... Korean.

Azia? C'mon now that can't be a real name. Unless it's spelled aZiA. woot.

Anonymous said...

or not going to college at all.

InstantYang said...

Yeah, it's not like she has a good old fashioned traditional Korean American name, like Henri. Ba-domp.

Henri said...

But it's pronounced Henlee.