Friday, June 06, 2008

Rice Daddies Diversity Challenge, dont let it expire!

Sadly, I got an email saying one of the Rice Daddies Empowerment in Diversity Challenges expired due to lack of full funding within its five month window.

Let it not happen again!

I took the donation I was refunded, and used it to partially fund another RD challenge looking to buy Multicultural Celebration books. It's only got two weeks left before it too gets its plug pulled, too!

No! Think of the cutest pound puppy, and then imagine that its a multicultural book. Or the promise of a multicultural book. You don't want that potential multicultural puppy to stay in the pound do you? It might make Soulsnax cry.

blatantly-heart-tugging photo from Pound Puppy Rescue's facebook site

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SoulSnax said...

Thanks for the heads up. I've since decreased the amount needed to fully fund that proposal. Only another $240 to go!