Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seven Days a Week I'm On Vacation

Soccer Dad checking in. Been on a long-delayed vacay for the past five days. A lot of firsts: first airplane ride with a 3-year-old, first trip to San Diego (Pacific Beach, in particular), first Santouka ramen. And as you parents know, you need a vacation from the vacation when you travel with a toddler. As expected there were a couple meltdowns. How do parents of multiples do it? Back to work on Monday.



Mama Nabi said... that only explains 5 days out of 3 weeks that you were gone.

Is it just me or is daddy having more fun than Mase? Aw... That ride actually looks quite fast for a kid ride.

Welcome back to the rat race... so how was the first flight? I remember being so anxious... and then it wasn't so bad.

Robyn said...

haha, your expression compared to your kid's is hilarious!