Friday, August 18, 2006

RD NewsWire

Food for thought and snacks for laughs from around the web... Have a good weekend!

Federal Dept. of Ed to finally allow "check all that apply" [via Mixed Media Watch, full text at Noraebang]

Colorado's Governor wishes his kids had "Asian and Jewish work ethic" [via Mixed Media Watch]

The "model minority" steretype rides again—and this time, we're selling it ourselves :( [via Kimchi Mamas]

But wait, maybe those Asian overachievers aren't so happy after all? Or at least in Canada, eh? [via Angry Asian Man]

A Kimchi Mama ponders if Asian Americans can blog our way to mental health

Harlow's Monkey asks where da kimchi mamas at in the mommy wars?

"Yes, I speak English, you frickin' moron (and I'm published in the LA Times, what about you, dummy?)"

DaddyTypes is scared to ask us how to teach his kid to use chopsticks, so he went to Blogging Baby instead

Even the LA Times thinks Elmo is evil [via DaddyTypes]

•Teach your kid the alphabet the politically incorrect way—or the science-nerd way [via DaddyTypes and Cool Mom Picks]


weigook saram said...

I saw this advice for teaching kids to use chopsticks on Parent Hacks a while back:

The Newbie Dad said...

Whoa! My head has asploded with information overload! Some quick comments:

"Check all that apply"
My son could check Filipino, German, Spanish, Irish, Californian, Texan and Kentuckian.

"Asian and Jewish work ethic"
Oy vey! My wife has some cousins who are half-Jewish.

"Model minority stereotype”
Hmm, my wife’s dad has a Ph.D and was a professor at Cal, her step-dad has 2 Masters from Cal, her brother has a Masters from Cal, her sister has a Masters from Cal, and my wife completed 2 years of graduate studies towards a doctorate. I’m the underachiever in the group with only a Bachelor’s degree from Cal. Now I’m depressed.

“Aren't so happy”
See above and below.

“Blog for Mental Health”
Uh, maybe we should make YouTube videos instead. ;)

“Mommy wars”
I wish I had the option to be a SAHD. Gonna play lotto this weekend.

“Speak English?”
Wah Dah Fah!?!

“Chop sticks”
I can play chop sticks on the piano.

“Elmo is evil”
Elmo is Jar Jar Binks father.

“PC Alphabet - NOT”
This post brought to you by the letter ‘C’ for Cane. As in cane them Ricebabies until they’re happy blogging chop stick wielding Ivy League overachievers!