Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Survivor Race Baiting

On the subject of racial relations, the next Survivor has decided to segregated its teams by race and there are Asian, Latinos, African Americans and Caucasians (what couldn't get enough Native Americans?). My view -- bad idea. Its already unfair when a Margaret Cho or a Lucy Liu or a George Lopez has to represent an entire underrepresented minority group on television by default. Whatever they do, even if they are themselves, they aren't representing all of us. Shoot, there was a whole book written Enlightened Racism about how the Cosby Show didn't accurately represent the African American population because the Huxtables, even as family loving role models, were too positive! Now once this doomed to failure, a handful representing an entire population model, starts toying with "reality" television then what. If the Asian team gets lost or won't share, oh look out. Talk about pressure.

*Disclaimer, although I have now referenced Dat Pham, my friend being on Amazing Race, The Duggar Family show, and now Survivor -- I cross my heart and hope to die don't watch much reality television (I'd never seen any Amazing Race, American Idol, Survivor, or Last Comic Standing until last week.) No really. Okay, I love Ultimate Fighter - Kendall, the Hawaiian, is an ass but kicks ass!


R2Dad said...

Unfortunately, this format is sure to drive ratings. And given the flexiblity to incite that editors have, we will certainly be dissappointed. There seem to be no upside to this, unless, by some miracle, the producers can conjure up something positive, creative, uplifting. We would certainly be surprised if the producers can identify sub-groups/minorities within each team (e.g. west coast vs east coast) that can give watchers something to root for other than just race. I know--Yankee fans vs Boston fans--perfect!

MetroDad said...

I agree that this is somewhat disturbing but, then again, it's a stupid reality show meant to capture high ratings and procure advertising dollars.

So you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to sit on my couch and root for the Asian team to kick some serious ass.

Boo ya!

R2Dad said...

Guess we're not alone in our assessment. NY "City Councilman John Liu said Thursday. "How could anybody be so desperate for ratings?" "

Mike said...

The good news is the show is already bringing out some of the funniest comments. Rush Limbaugh has this to say:

"The Asian-American tribe probably will outsmart everybody, but will that help 'em in the ultimate survival contest? Intelligence is one thing, but raw native understanding of the land and so forth, this is probably why the Native Americans were excluded because they were at one with the land here, and they probably would have an unfair advantage. The African-American tribe, it's tough to handicap on this one. You know, there are many characteristics here that you would think would give them the lead and the heads up in terms of skill and athleticism and so forth. The Asians, as I say, the brainiacs of the bunch."

The rest is over here on his site:

I mean seriously. It's worth having the show just to see people say amazing things like this.

I don't remember anybody getting riled up when they divided the tribes into old/young and men/women...but I wasn't really paying attention.

By the way, just so we don't have a Kevin Clash moment 20 years from now. I'm white. I don't care who wins. And, I won't be watching and I think it is a stupid idea from every angle except CBS trying to get ratings. From that angle, it will probably be golden.

nina said...

Wow, that kind of just reeks of stupidity and offensiveness. Except, like everyone mentioned, in terms of ratings. Kind of disgusting.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

I think the show is going under. They're just phishing for anything that will get publicity now.

DMB said...

Just think of all the people that had to greenlight this dumbass idea.

I don't care if it's a ratings grab, I'm disgusted. And I'm white.