Friday, August 03, 2007


Raise your hand if you drive a minivan. Someone please talk me off the edge.


thisislarry said...

I think you should do it. I've heard minivans have really gotten a bad rap for no good reason.

They're reliable and comfortable, like a pair of nice grey Haggar slacks.

They're roomy and durable, like a pair of good ol' Fruit o' the Loom tightie whities.

And they're stylish, like a good pair of navy blue socks.

At our age, its important that we dont worry about frivolous things like being 'cool' and 'having an identity'. It's good to be comfortable with the fact that for the rest of your days, your selfish desires are to be subservient to the practicalities of raising and providing for your family. every. single. moment. of. your. life.

And buying a minivan is a great way to assert your newfound status with a hearty "yessiree!"

thisislarry said...

Or, if you get one, spray the interior with like a whole can of that AXE body spray, and the chicks will dig it.

if the (mini)van's a rockin, dont come a knockin, knowatimsayin?

Henri said...

Dude AXE! Yes! Why didn't I think of that! Shit should I use AXE or TAG?

Wait a do you have one or not?

SoulSnax said...

do what I did back in the day: put up some tapestries, throw in a couple turntables, a disco ball, and some incense, and you're set!

thisislarry said...

Henri, I'm just a minivan poseur.

We have an Subaru Outback and a Mazda Tribute (small SUV).

daddy in a strange land said...

Did you see the discussion thread when Soulsnax was choosing a new car (and ended up with an Outback)? My DAD came on and called me and my whole generation out for our too-young-or-hip-for-an-ugly-ol'-mini-van-poseur-stance. :)

(Speaking of that, dud, Larry, you're a designer, why are mini-vans so fugly?)

But anyway, my dad said we should all just man up and suck it up and get mini-vans. :) I grew up in bright green VW Westfalia pop-top camper van, btw, which was followed by a succession of boxy Mitsubishi mini-vans. Once I flew the coop, he ditched the vans for upscale SUVs. Oh well.

(Full disclosure--I drive a Saturn Vue, which replaced an old MB wagon with a huge cargo area.)

But you know what? Mini-vans don't really seem to have much more cargo space than a wagon or SUV, if you're not folding down the third row of seats or whatever. Anyway, by the time we need another car and/or have another kid, I guess I can hope that somebody comes up with a mini-van that's not ugly. :)

But as I write this, a good friend with a second kid due in weeks is probably at a dealer right now, buying a Sienna with all the bells and whistles (DVD, navigation system, etc.) (commenter and momblogger Superha's husband, actually). When their first came along, he had to switch cars with his wife--she took his Accord for the carseat space, and he was stuck with her red Miata with Mashimaro aftermarket accoutrements. Heh. Guess this is an upgrade.

kwaninator said...

hey i'm one kid short of a mini-van
and i'm not kidding...they are the
way to go! yes they're geeky
but the honda odyssey is a marvelous vehicle for the new
boomer babes.

angie said...

i cannot believe i'm going to be the voiceof reason here . . . do NOT get the minivan.

disclaimer: i live in texas and i drive a suburban.

Henri said...

Finally, one person has the decency to try and talk me off the ledge.

s nguyen said...

I agree with Angie-- DON'T DO IT! It IS possible to have kids and not give up your car-- my parents did it, and dang it, so am I. My husband will never talk me out of this.

Anonymous said...

our odyssey does 0-60 in 7.6 secs. wheee

daddy in a strange land said...

Check out our friends' new ride .

R2Dad said...

There is a practical question re: minivanage. Are you comfortable driving and parking one? I can't tell you how many drivers I see that have no business behind the wheel of a big ole minivan/ suburban/land yacht, especially in the city. They're fantastic on the freeway, but with the 250' turning radius and blind spots galore, minvans aren't always the solution. That, and it's the automobile equivalent of getting a vasectomy--you know you should, but that doesn't ease the pain and there is no going back.

thisislarry said...

r2dad, I enjoyed the vasectomy analogy. ouch!

Henri said...

Minivans do 21 to 40 in 1 second