Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Race (and me) on the (Internet) Radio - Tonight!

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Continuing the recent discussion about race in the blogosphere and the (in)visibility of parentbloggers of color, I'm gonna be a guest tonight on Motherhood Uncensored's BlogTalkRadio show. Folks have been posting up a storm—check out the links in the comments of my cross-post on disl, and see what folks are saying on ARP and BlogRhet. Tonight, from 9 to 10 EDT (6 to 7 PDT), you can hear me, Glennia of Kimchi Mamas, and Kelly of Mocha Momma talk with Kristen Chase about all this stuff, and you can even call in live to add your 2 cents at (646) 915-8634. Click here to learn more about tonight's show.

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