Tuesday, August 07, 2007


As both a father and scholar, I find parenting trends in America to be fascinating statements on changing social ideals and identities. Naturally, this story on NPR about multiple children as a product of affluenza. The basic idea here is that more affluent parents are having more kids in what the story terms "competitive birthing".

I'll admit - there's something a little sensationalist about stories like these - nothing seems to attract more "most emailed stories of the day" than articles dealing in either "look at those crazy rich people!" or "look at how crazy parents are!" topics so this story is a two-fer. That said, as someone who can't afford a 5BD in Connecticut, I do harbor secret glee at stories that make rich folk look like a**h****.

Then again, even uber-rich parents have family problems. Guess money, along with love, can't buy peace of mind.

Speaking of NPR - as it turns out (much to the surprise of no one), Baby Einstein makes your kids dumber.

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