Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All Your Hairs Standing

Pinay homegirl kills it on Star King, the Korean version of A.I. Now if only she can get a stylist.



Mama Nabi said...

HOLY... how old is she? I am not even her mother and I was all teary from being proud of her! Damn. She is absolutely fabulous - and that's not even doing her justice....
Really, the whole hair-standing thing happened while watching.
I'm betting she's going to win (or won)?

Soccer Dad said...

She's 14 and her name is Chance Pempengco. Check out the interview link under the video. Pretty amazing eh? No wonder she got sponsored by JC Pennys ;-p

SoulSnax said...

Mama Nabi: That hair-standing thing... that's what you call an EARgasm. It's my drug, and I'm a real junkie. I'm still recovering from multiple eargasms I had the privilege of experiencing in Brooklyn last night.

Sadly, crappy bose speakers and increasingly poor mp3 encodings mean that subsequent generations may never be enraptured in a good eargasm... just loud music. That's why we brought our little sunshine (10months) to Small's Jazz Club the other day. gotta start her early.

oh, but I digress... yeah, when I saw that little gal with the pipes, I wondered how she'd hold up on the American version of A.I. just wondering.

Soccer Dad said...

Oops, I meant CHARICE Pempengco.