Friday, November 16, 2007

Asian Adoptees Get Their Own NY Times Page (sort of)

The NYT launched a new blog on adoption and though it's not meant to solely focus on transracial adoption of Asian children, there's certainly a great deal of content oriented around those relations right now. It is well worth reading though prepared to be seriously perturbed.

Relative Choices

I've said this for years but we're in the midst of seeing the first major waves of Asian adoptees (mostly Korean) come of age in America and as this happens, the conversations that are likely to arise will be fascinating to consider, especially in thinking about how the next wave (mostly Chinese) children grow up.

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Jae Ran said...

I think you are right that the Chinese adoptees are going to be looking at ways in which Korean adoptees are talking about and writing about their experiences.

I would only disagree with the bit about the big wave of Korean adoptees have just come of age. I'm 39 and I'm one of tens of thousands adopted in the 1950-1970s and I'd say I'd come of age a long time ago. Sadly, it just took us a lot longer to get people to listen to us!