Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Filipina Moms join the AsAm parentblogging party!

Last week saw the public launch of a new group blog by a diverse group of eponymous Filipina Moms, spearheaded by Chicago-based SugarMama, who also writes for Chicago Moms Blog.

Their crew of Pinay blogmamas includes regular Rice Daddies commenter MamaZilla and, I'm pleased to announce, a newbie to the "post" side of the blogosphere (vs. the "comment" side), who goes by the handle "la dra."

Yes, that la dra., my charming, beautiful and talented partner. She's even set up a solo blog, whose name is a riff of off my own nom de blog that our dear friend Superha came up with long ago. I'm so happy that now she has not just one but two places to blog (to pick up the slack from her deliquent husband). So go check 'em both out and give all our Pinay sistas some love!

Oh, and before I forget, thanks to your generosity, we have now fully funded all three of our originally chosen projects in our Rice Daddies Empowerment in Diversity Challenge via Donors Choose! As our philanthropist-in-chief SoulSnax wrote earlier, we've already added a new project to our list, and there are plenty more where that came from. Tomorrow is the last day for you to take advantage of InstantYang's generous dollar-for-dollar matching challenge, so celebrate our nation's birthday by doing your bit to help make this place live up to its promises for all our children.


mamazilla said...

hey ya! thanks for the link love! so excited (and petrified) tp be blogging alongside my pinay/pinay lovin' sistahs!

SugarMama said...

Wow...thanks for the write-up. We hope to be as good as you guys are.

Sunny said...

Great blog guys thanks