Friday, July 06, 2007

six degrees of ukulele

Warning, this post has absolutely nothing to do with parenting. Or race. Music, a little.

So, I mentioned on ricedaddies radio that for Father's Day I got myself a ukulele. I have progressed from being completely clueless to knowing the requisite three chords (C, F, Gminor). For my birthday recently, Mrs. Thisislarry got me a Jake Shimabukuro CD. Shimabukuro is a mighty, mighty ukulele master. Wow.

But that's not the point. The point is I googled "Jake Ukulele" to find out more about this guy, and the second link to pop up was this article from the San Jose Metro. Look familiar to anyone out there in RD land?


daddy in a strange land said...

Dude, pound for pound, we're packed with more of Asian America's biggest cultural critics than any other parenting blog on the planet--why do you think I hang out here? ;) (Anybody wanna give us a book deal? Heh.)

Monster Daddy said...

Larry, can you sing? If you can sing Izzy's Somewhere Over the Rainbow while playing the ukelele then you'll be da chick magnet. Oops, forgot you're already married, nevermind! :)

thisislarry said...

MD -The first real song I looked up on the internet after getting the uke was that Izzy song. I play it well enough to attract my wife at least ;)

Soccer Dad said...

Hey Larry, thanks for the link! Jake was a cool dude, spoken to him a couple times since and he's always been aces. But yeah, that guy is like the Q-Bert or Hendrix of the 'Uke.

Happy strumming!

SD (aka T.I.)