Monday, July 23, 2007

Soccer Dad: Critical Mass on Sesame Street

One of the first musical purchases we made after Mase Marvelous was born was Songs From the Street: 35 Years of Music from Sesame Street. It was fun to listen to all the old tunes that kept us 40 year olds stuck in front of the TV. I distinctly remember songs like "Rubber Ducky," "C is for Cookie," "Mnah Mnah" and all that. I found myself digging ones I had totally forgotten.

But now that he just turned two — and working the FF/RW buttons to get to his favorites — we're so over it now. He's big on Elmo, too, so the novelty of the boxset is gone. Evaporated. It's become background music. In fact, if we have to hear Big Bird do his freaking "Ab-cdef-ghijkl-mnop-qrstuvxyz" thing one more time, I'm gonna lose my Mnah Mnah Mind.

But sometimes, when Mace is playing contentedly and humming the songs to himself or starting to dance, I think the boxset was the best investment. It doesn't drive me half as crazy as something like the other mass marketed kids musics (Winnie the Pooh, you are the scourge of my long-term memory). And I begin to listen again. Grover, for example, was the cameo king back in the day. He was the monster version of Busta Rhymes.

The late Madeline Kahn doing her thing with G-Unit:

My personal favorite is Lena Horne helping Grover overcome shyness:

And Stevie Wonder...being Stevie:

Maybe it's ennui that draws me back, but after watching those three vids (all songs are on the boxset) I wish they made kid's music this cool today!

Anybody else go through a love/hate/love relationship with Sesame Street?



KC said...

Just love man, no hate. Most hate comes from my being mad at Elmo for hijacking Sesame Street and pushing old favorites off the air.

angie said...

my kids never really got into SS, but they LOVED them some Wiggles back in the day. Talk about LOVE/HATE/HATE/LIKE!

We mixed a couple of their songs onto a CD and it played over and over and over in the car - EVERY single time we got into the car it was " fruit salad, yummy, yummy . . . " (still haunts me.) but at least i could drive without the kids asking me "why" every 1.2 nanoseconds!

Darryl said...

man, it's like ancient history
...but my girl sat on my lap
and it's like we both watcheed
it for the first time.
thanks for the memories!!

Ben said...

my daughter can't get enough. "ses-see!" = sesame street in our house.