Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If things don't change...

If things don't change drastically in the next few years, I can envision the following conversation taking place:

Sunshine: Daddy, the movies from Chinatown don't look so great in the home theater.
SoulSnax: Fine, what movie do you want? I'll see if someone at work has it, and I'll make a copy for you.
Sunshine: Why can't we just buy it at Blockbuster?
SoulSnax: Honey, if we just went and bought it at Blockbuster, then we'd be giving our hard-earned money to the pseudoliberal Hollywood hypocrites who robbed your uncle Roy out of a career.
Sunshine: What's a hippo-cricket?

1 comment:

Darryl said...

dialogue ought flow:

like ""gradual school...

""what's gradual school?

"it's when you gradually

don't want to go to