Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sexy Dad Syndrome

There's a growing epidemic spreading faster through America than a California wildfire in the middle of July.


What I find fascinating about this most recent discovery, is that men are being praised for basically doing their job. We hold up Hollywood icons as perfect dads because they haven't abandoned their children, they help out at home, they dress their kids in cute outfits, they wipe butts, snots, and other body fluids, and they do so while wearing a good pair of designer jeans.

I don't mind having Hollywood dad's getting their picture taken with their uber cute kids. But, having them praised for doing what we RD's do without the pay or perks of free baby bjorn carriers and organic cotton butt towels, irks me a tad.

Besides, where are the good looking Asian Dad's in those Hollywood reports? Perhaps we're not virile enough to actually have kids. Or, we're too modest to prance around. Well to hell with that. I say the RD's post their most gratuitous SDS photo of them wiping snot or snuggling their little kimchi to say, yeah...we've been infected, too.

I mean, these photos just make me sick (not really).


Vincent said...

I am reminded of my first 40something moment. It was a hot humid summer evening in New York. Our neighbor's son, young, 20something, aspiring actor and model, brought over some desserts left over from a strike party (the show he was in had completed its run). I answered the door topless in ratty gym shorts that pinched my waist (so I looked more bloated than usual), my youngest just six months on my hip. It was like something out of a sitcom; handsome hot young stud and sweaty plump 40something dad. I still don't know whether to laugh or cry about it.

P Daddy said...

It's still sexy to woman though. It means we are committed and responsible. But, your right, it makes me sick, too. Usually, Hollywood Dads like Brad Pitt are an illusion. No matter how much he may think he spends time with his kids, he's not spending enough time with his kids.