Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving food for thought...

In "honor" of this week's holiday, check out this LA Times article about parents in Claremont, a college town east of Los Angeles, up in arms against each other over their kindergartners' "traditional" Pilgrims-n-Indians dress-up celebration:

Claremont parents clash over kindergarten Thanksgiving costumes

Go read it, come back here, and tell us what you think!


Steven said...

I think we should give Michelle Raheja some "fire juice" and blankets and send her on her way. Get over yourself lady.

papa2hapa said...

Doesn't it seem outdated and not so "innocent" to continue to teach kids about a truly false holiday? I mean, don't people know that the holiday was arbitrarily set by the government in 1941? Come now.

At the same time, I think kids dressing up like that is cute, I also note that I believe we need to get out of our "get over yourself" philosophy.

I think that philosophy is dangerous and leads to apathy towards any type of racism. Not saying it will, but can.

Sizwe_X said...

Same thing can be said about "Columbus Day". I like Clyde Bellecourt's way to celebrate, i.e. toss blood on mockups of the boats.