Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Love thy spouse

Last night as I was laying in bed next to my wife, I started to think about how crazy it is to know that we will be sharing the responsibility of raising a child in just a few months. I feel like we just got married, and barely had time to enjoy each other's company, and to think that our lives will drastically change in that we will no longer be living for ourselves, but to live for this amazing child. It's a crazy thought, and I am completely excited about it, but sort of nervous.

As I talk to other new couples with children, they emphasize to me that it is so important to keep the marriage strong, and not to forget to love one another and take dates together. They say its so easy to get caught up with the baby and to forget to take time for each other. Its weird to think that, but I guess we will understand once we have the baby. I was looking at my wife and thinking how much I love her. I guess time will only tell. I am being all cheesy, but I was having a cheesy moment last night, or was that gas???


superha said...

I'm putting my money on gas. :)

thisislarry said...

yeah, I vote gas.

Keep this in mind for the first time your baby smiles at you, when you're so sleep deprived you've been stripped down to your animal instincts and that little ball of human being curls the coners of their mouth up to you: that's probably gas, too.


Naw dont sweat it, dont even worry about it, because the only thing that's true is that parenthood will be absoultely nothing like you ever expected. Love, however, seems to translate very well.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I love that all this talk about gas is focused on the dad-to-be and the coming infant, because as a pregnant woman, you expect the gas being discussed is coming from you.