Thursday, October 19, 2006

getting it in writing

Something for Dr. Lo to look forward to, many moons after the gas passes.

This week, our family finally moved into the digital age. Rabbit Dragon and Princess Pony (my 6yo and 4yo), have started sending me emails. Mrs thisislarry has been helping, but last night Rabbit Dragon typed his himself: "Larry,Yes I did get to be in the front of almost evryone!!!" (re: a school assembly) and the Princess has discovered a love of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s (re: a 4yo's sense of whimsy).

I'm in London and Munich since last week on biz. Talking to the family has been hard to do because of the time zones, and email has emerged as a decent alternative. OK, not really, I miss hearing their voices, all three of them. But when I think of how hard it must be for, say, soldiers out in foreign lands, each email is a blessing I am thankful for. We've been talking about the souveniers I'm obliged to pick up, the cold I caught (4-6yo's are the target market for booger talk), and playing baseball when I get back.

So, a milestone to add in the margins of your outdated 20th century baby books: first time they type "I LOVE YOU" in an email.


honglien123 said...

Larry, have you thought of having them tape little snippets of video and emailing or uploading to a website? We've recently purchased a nifty little digital cam and have been uploading video short 5 minute or less .avi files to one of our websites for the grandparents who live out of state.

thisislarry said...

thanks honglien, that's a great idea! especially now that my digital still camera takes decent avi's.