Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rabbit Dragon and Princess Pony In The House

Hi, this is Larry, I'm your newest Rice Daddy, but in a way I'm one of the oldest. I've been a dad since before the true millennium. My son was born in early 2000, before the Chinese new year. That makes him a Rabbit Dragon. Rabbit Dragon just finished kindergarten last week, but it seems like yesterday he was still toddling around in diapers, screaming "CHAP STICK! CHAP STICK!!!"

I have a little girl too, a princess born in the year of the pony. Princess Pony just showed me her 'Rock Star looks' last night, which she learned from her older friend in preschool. Straight out of the Madonna school of Vogue, three-and-a-half going on sixteen.

My wife C and I met in college and have been inseparable since (I'm waiting for her to tell me what her blog name should be -that should tell you how it works in my family). It's odd that we're both Chinese. Before I met her, I could not conceive of dating someone with a similar background to the one I was busy rebelling against. Since we met, I could not conceive of meeting anyone else who could know me so well.

The years, they go quickly, but some weeks drag on, know what I mean?

I keep a blog at thisislarry, and if you're interested in Eichlers, navel gazing about product design, or custom handbags, check me out there. The good stuff will be here though. Trust me.

So, wow. Me, a Rice Daddy. Thanks to Daddy In A Strange Land for inviting me to step up from the comments page to the big leagues. Hopefully I can provide a little perspective from the the near future, so that those of you with babies can get a head start on freaking out over pre-school dance recitals, baby teeth not falling out, and whatnot.

The spandex team outfit is in the mail, right guys?

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R2Dad said...

please please please post a team spandex pic, or at least a photoshopped version! LOL, killin' me at 4am.