Sunday, June 25, 2006

Being away from home...

It hasn't even been a week...since I saw my little Pogi and I'm really missing him. I've been in the armpit of Texas--Killeen to be exact. No offense to anyone who lives here, but coming from the hustle and bustle of the DC metro area, this town downright sucks! The only thing keeping this place running is the Army. Which, by the way, is the reason I'm here until the end of the month. I've been here for a little under 2 weeks, and thankfully, I was able to fly home for Father's Day last weekend. There was no way I was going to miss my first Father's Day with my son. It was amazing, by the way, to celebrate my very first Father's Day!

My last trip I had to take for work was last month to Seattle. Since we had never been there, I decided to take the family with me. Let me tell you, 3 weeks was a long time for Pogi to be away from home! It wasn't too bad while we were there, but the adjustment period when we got home was like bringing him home from the hospital right after he was born!

So being that I'd be in Killeen for 3 weeks, we decided to make it a solo trip. Besides, there's nothing for them to do if they came with me. But being away for that first week was tough for me. I had never been away from our Pogi that long. To make things even tougher, when I came home for Father's Day weekend, it took awhile for him to recognize me! I was only gone for a week!

So, my Father's Day present was the new 17" MacBook Pro. Now, I'm able to see our little Pogi everyday, and he can see me through iChat. I'm loving it! It's great to come back to the hotel, logon and see him smiling at me as if I was there in the same room. Technology these gotta love it!

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