Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day Fellas

Last Father's Day, my wife was not happy. Thanks to my daughter deciding to come 3 weeks early, I got my first Father's Day and my wife had to wait nearly a year before her first Mother's Day. Not fair, claimed my wife. She had carried the child for 9 months and endured 28 hours of labor, yet I was the one who got the day of recognition.

While my wife can't complain this year, she did have a point. As a first time father, I didn't truly appreciate fatherhood last year. While I had changed some diapers, suffered through some sleepness nights, and fed my baby girl, that wasn't much of a record. I was a father in title only. A year later, and having avoided doing serious damage to my child, I can look back with a mixture of relief, pride, and satisfaction.

"Being" a father is more in the "doing" than in the "being." Happy Father's Day Rice-Daddies, and dad, thanks for all you've done for me.

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Middleman said...

Nice blog you guys have going on here. Glad to see the recent flurry of activity; I got worried a bit that you'd "taken it offline" after that May posting "Fast Food N-Asian". And I dig the new pics. Very cute.

Which one of you designed the page, by the way? (Feel free to respond by email.)