Monday, February 05, 2007

And the winners are... Crap. Not us. Oh well.

After the close of last week's great Rice Daddies/Kimchi Mamas The Motel/Red Doors DVD giveaway contest, we tallied up the entries, subtracted the duplicates and the entries by members of the RD/KM family, and ended up with this:

Rice Daddies, 16. Kimchi Mamas, 17.

Crap. By one entry, we lost. But you won. Well, five of you did. For telling stories to the whole internet behind their mamas' backs—and for being lucky enough to have their names picked from among 16 slips of paper in a rice cooker by my 2-year-old daughter— the following people have won our super double DVD/poster prize packs:

Ashley Tsai
Henry Tsai

Congratulations. You'll be hearing from us by e-mail to get your snailmail addresses for delivery. Click on over to Kimchi Mamas to see who won on their side, and stay tuned over there to see which three of us get pressured into posting our most embarrassing parenting moment. Thanks to all who entered both contests, to Deborah at Palm Pictures and Michael at Blanc de Chine films, to filmmakers Mike Kang and Georgia Lee, and to Eliaday, Citymama, and Instant Yang for making this happen (plus thanks to Angry Asian Man, Racialicious/ARP, Babble/Strollerderby, and anyone else who linked to the contest).

The stories you've shared on both sites have been both heartwarming and hilarious. Though the contest has ended, we encourage you to continue adding your own stories to the comments of either this post or the original one.

Many of you who entered our contest were new to the site, or at least were new commenters. We hope that you come back, and that you tell others about us. You may be an old hand at this parenting game, you may not have even started thinking about the prospect of having kids, but wherever you are in life, you are welcome here.

Tomorrow Rice Daddies turns one year old. Check back here for a cool new contest with awesome prizes, and for the beginning of another year of adventures and misadventures with a bunch of AsAm dudes dadding.


Superha said...

Could the Pumpkin BE any cuter picking a name out of a rice cooker? You're too much disl!

honglien123 said...

Oi, I need my eyes checked. It actually took me a second before I realized that the Pumpkin wasn't IN the rice cooker.

Sunny said...

Oh, my bad. If only I had preservered and posted my "mama" story it would have at least been a tie. But, I was in such a good mood from being named a winner over on the Kimchi Mama contest that I published the whole thing over on the "other" sunny blog at
And, here it is:

"When mom was 75 years old I took her for her very first trip to Yosemite. At that time both of us were very interested in hiking. Specifically, she wanted to hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. We were on a spur trail on our way to the PCT when I noticed a nice waterfall with a swimable pool under it. Since I had a swim-suit on underneath my clothes, I suggested we detour over there. Told her how I had long wanted to swim at the bottom of a water fall. (this is off the script, but, I had first gotten that idea in Korea back in the 70's-but, Ha Ha-that's another story) Mom was all for it, but, on the way to the swimming hole I noticed a few naked people skinny dipping over there. I quickly tried to steer mom away from this indelicate sight. Silly me! My mom was a NURSE. She'd seen a lot more than that in her day. Anyway, she wasn't about to be deterred by a few naked people. Started stomping through the woods right towards them. She was kind of hard of hearing towards the end of her life from chronic ear infections and her normally soft spoken manner had gotten a bit louder. Well, she was pretty worked up about these naked people getting in our way and starting complaining in a louder-than-normal voice "My baby wants to swim in the waterfall and no stupid old naked people are going to stop us. They surely don't care if anyone sees them naked or they wouldn't be skinny dipping in the first place! Life is too short to care what anyone thinks anyway. Come on!" You never saw so many people snatch up their clothes and flee through the forest barefoot and in the buff when they got a glimpse of MAMA BEAR a stompin' and hollerin' their direction. I was almost in hysterics. It was so unlike her. The really funny thing was that I heard them exclaiming to each other in a foreign European-sounding language. Possibly they didn't even understand her words. And may have had an exaggerated understanding of her intent. Too hilarious! When we got to the falls, the water was a little deeper and colder than I had anticipated. But, you'd better believe I SWAM in it! She was right about life being short too. She died the very next summer of a tragic accident. I was always glad she had that experience. Glad I had it too."

Probably everyone is thinking "What are these lily white folks doing in stories like ours?" Well, remember, these are the parents who (way back in the olden days) said, "Okay, our precious" when this Kimchi mama met her Rice daddy.

Superha said...

One more embarrassing Mom story... (daddy in a strangeland's wife told me to post this):
My friend Felisa sent this to me. It's her friend Rita's blog entries about her very stereotypical and hilarious Asian Mom. Check it out here (scroll down to the bottom for photos of an interesting form of sunscreen, too).