Monday, February 19, 2007

d.i.s.l. (yeah, me) co-hosts on Addicted to Race about anti-racist parenting

So I'm the co-host of this week's edition of Addicted to Race, "the podcast dedicated to America's obsession with race," produced by the same folks behind Racialicious and Anti-Racist Parent.

Dr. Lo Siento's ARP column about choosing to live in a more racially/ethnically diverse community because of the considerations of raising a child of color, which I cross-posted here [while he was off relaxing in freakin' Hawaii], provoked a lot of interesting reactions. This topic is definitely something la dra. and I talk about often, so I took the opportunity to use my co-hosting gig to talk a little more about this. It seems that a lot of folks in our corner of the parentblogosphere are thinking about these and related issues lately: take a look at these two posts from frequent RD commenters Rachel and Carol. Go take a listen to my podcasting debut here, and then, if you're so inspired, call 206-203-3983 to leave a voicemail comment for inclusion in next week's episode (we'd love to get more voices of parents on the show).

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Superha said...

disl, you're getting so good at this race pundit thing. Smooth.