Thursday, February 08, 2007

Have no Fear, Monster Daddy is Here!

Hello Fellow Rice Daddies and fans!

I’ve been a fan of this blog for some time and I decided to take the plunge so this is my very first blog entry ever!

I guess you may wonder why I decided to call myself Monster Daddy. Is it because I have four (eek 4!!!) kids? Is it because my four kids are monsters driving me to premature heart failure? Is it because of the way I treat my kids when they act up? (No, but sometimes the thought crosses my mind, hehe…) Actually, it’s from Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, Elmo and Zoe monsters (yep Elmo and Zoe’s “race” per Sesame Street is actually monster). My wife adores these characters and we took to the habit of calling our kids monsters (and most of the time it is with affection…)

So who am I? I am a 2nd generation ABC who was lucky enough to be married to another 2nd generation ABC and living in sunny Arizona. 2nd generation meaning we were the first generation born in America so our children’s grandparents are the ones who immigrated to America. I think of my kids as lucky to be 3rd generation Americans, growing up my parents were too busy trying to adjust and eek out a living to know what is baseball, SATs, prom, spring break, etc. (not that I fault them for it, er well not anymore…)

My oldest is 9, the youngest is 2, in order; boy/boy/girl/boy. So have no fear, I am surviving with four and by now I probably have lots of stories to share. But aside from the fun stuff, I feel it is important to recognize that Asian American parents face some unique circumstances in America. I can only offer my perspective but I feel we are doing a good job with the kids (they haven’t dropped out of school… yet!) so I hope it is worth sharing.

Thank you for this opportunity!


daddy in a strange land said...

Welcome aboard, Monster Daddy!

4 kids!? Yikes. Bet you got stories, brother. :) Can't wait to hear 'em.

Anonymous said...

I think my ovaries just shut down . . FOUR?!

Angie in Texas

thisislarry said...

Welcome Monster! Great to have the AZ perspective! And, I cede my title of Rice Daddy with the Oldest Kid to you (bowing and scraping). So, are you guys prepping for SATs yet? har har. No, really, are you?

Monster Daddy said...

Thanks for the welcome all. I tend to leave all the educational decisions to my wife. Funny thing is, although I value education I just can't seem to get interested in it. Maybe it's a backlash from my parents zealousness.

Or it could just be taking one step at a time, my oldest son already needed to test into the advanced program 3rd grade program and my second oldest son is preparing for it now. Testing just isn't going to stop :(

P.S. Four kids isn't really bad at all as long as you put them to hard labor, er I mean doing chores. Maybe we got lucky or we trained him well but the oldest Monster is a helluva babysitter who just loves babies and toddlers. On the other hand if our last Monster was our first he would probably have remained an only child, hee!

Rachel in Seattle said...

Welcome! I hear that 3 is the new 2 now [referring to # of kids people are having--I see this among my friends too]...perhaps with your stories maybe 4 will be the new 3?
Again, welcome!

honglien123 said...

Welcome Monster Daddy!

Dr. Lo Siento said...

Wow, 4 kids. I am sure you have some wisdom to pass onto us soon to be or newbie dads. Look forward to some stories.

Henri said...

Welcome Catholic Daddy!

Henri said...

Actually in all seriousness you should do a car review. Once you hit three plus people start using the M word. My wife runs out of the room when I bring it up. As much as I hate minivans they sure look practical.

Monster Daddy said...

LOL Henri, yes I am the owner of a minivan and I am not ashamed to admit it. It's cheaper, more fuel efficient, easier to drive, and roomier than SUVs. Plus, opening the power side doors 50 ft away with baby/toddlers in tow is just too useful. And it swallows up all the sports and/or camping gear.

So for all those advantages my ego can shut up. ;)