Thursday, February 22, 2007

Book Review Contest: Morris Has a Cold

Title: Morris Has a Cold
Author/Illustrator: Bernard Wiseman
Reviewer: Kerri Aldrich

I used to love Morris the Moose books as a kid, though as an adult I
couldn't remember why. Then I started reading them again with my
daughter, and it hit me. Morris is a 5-6 year old child! He is so
very literal, and in his mind words should mean exactly what they say.

In Morris Has a Cold, Wiseman accurately portrays a day in the life of
a parent (or caregiver) and a sick child, minus the woods and antlers
and such. :) When asked by Boris the Bear how his throat feels, Morris
touches it and replies, "hairy." When told to eat his soup by putting
his spoon in his mouth, Morris obeys....and puts the entire spoon in
his mouth. The illustration on that one is priceless and makes me
smile. After spending many weeks of this very new year already tending
to the needs of one sick child after another, I can completely relate
to Boris's declaration at the end of the story, once he's nursed Morris
back to health, of "DON'T EVER GET SICK AGAIN!"

I think I'm also attracted to these stories because Bernard Wiseman
both authors and illustrates the book, and does both very well. The
words and the pictures compliment each other superbly, but also each
tell the complete story on their own. Makes for a fun reading
experience all around.

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