Friday, February 23, 2007

Book Review Contest: The Snowy Day

Title: The Snowy Day
Author/Illustrator: Ezra Jack Keats
Reviewer: eliaday

When we were living in southern California, I just couldn't get used to having Christmas with no snow. For my daughter's first Christmas, I gave her a copy of Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day. I have always loved this book - because I always wished that one morning *I* would wake up and find heaping mountains of snow to climb up and down and explore.

I forget that to my daughter - the piles of snow outside now in Massachusetts do probably look like giant mountains. The Snowy Day reminds me of the beauty of the simple things in life - a day spent outside with your best friend in the snow, telling your mom about your adventures, and having them start all over again the next morning when you wake up.

We could all use a few snowy days in our lives.

(I can't help but add that issues of race and class could be addressed through this book. I never really noticed race in this book when I was little. What I did notice was that Peter only had to go across the hall to get his friend. I thought that that was just about the coolest thing - to live in an apartment building.)

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eliaday said...

guess what? woke up this morning and the world is wrapped up in a crsip clean layer of snow!


daddy in a strange land said...

But you still have to go to work, right? :)

honglien123 said...

Oh, I remember this book! Snowy days were the best. The ones where you listen to the radio or watch the TV news to see if your school was closed for the day were even better. Makes me want to move back Michigan sometimes.