Wednesday, July 19, 2006

East West Playas

This story, came forwarded from a friend who just put "???" in the subject line. It appears in a Torrance newspaper.
    Torrance business courts success by opening doors

    Enter Torrance Cabinet Center and you could leave with a date with your future husband or wife. That's if you're a white man or Asian woman.


    Founder and owner Angelina Pakalapati matches white men with Asian women who want to settle down with that special someone.


    East West Singles earned about $35,000 in revenue in 2005. Torrance Cabinet Center collected $700,000 that year with a profit margin of 30 percent, about twice that of the dating service.

    Pakalapati, who now throws several soirees a year to connect future couples, once stayed away from parties because of her traditional upbringing. That changed after she married her second husband in 1997. Many single friends called her, complaining "You're happy, we're not."

    So she introduced them to her husband's single friends by throwing a party for about 40 people who were mostly white men and Asian immigrant women."
There's more but what's funny is that this story is couched not so much as a "modern dating" topic but rather, it's a profile of a small business and entrepreneur. There's a long section talking about how Pakalapati is also into cabinetry work.

But hey, where's the dating service that pairs Asian men with non-Asian women? Not that I'm, uh, asking for personal reasons or anything.

--Poppa Large

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