Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Son as Superhero

Like any good superhero mythology, Squirt is a mutant making up for deficiencies in say, being able to sleep through the night, potty gracefully, sit up, crawl or roll over, by his acute mastery of particular powers. At close to four months, he's actually gone from the turtle face to a better characterization as Penguin.

Not the cute cuddly monotone flightless bird that seems well suited to mobiles but Penguin as in Batman, or more accurately as Jon Stewart doing Dick Cheney as Penguin on the Daily Show. WAAH is his favorite sound - the grunt of constipation whether he is or not. He also goes Mariah Carey on the pitch meter with his shrieks that is also humorous but brings up the worry that he will need to be Mike Tyson to compensate if that is his real voice.

At three months, he is not without other superpowers. He's made the discovery that his hands are connected to his body and they can GRAB: Grab his stroller cover to push it back for more light, grab stuffed animals half his size, grab his legs(but not yet his feet), grab at his milk both in bottle or in breast, grab rings, grab and make nasty red scratches on his porceline face.

He's also the drumstick maker. With the gift of grab comes the gift of slobber. Everything he touchs is chocolate covered ice cream cone filled with milk and his name on it. I guess he could just be affectionate and French.

He's a shape shifter going from skinny looking to Buddha and back again within 24 hours. His skin is chameleon-like in its change from pimply red roughness to Noxema girl perfect.

Most of all, he is the master disguiser of emotions. Finally, he is able to be awake without crying which makes him immensely more enjoyable to be around. All of the sudden, he has a personality or more accurately, multiple personalities. To smile (and occassionally giggle) when he sees me or when I play with him. Or not. To be the terrorist of attention or worse yet the blankness where you wonder what's on his mind and if the real him will ever come back. Which does, thankfully.

He also had the ability to make his increasingly long hair stand straight up and out at the same time. But I don't count it as a superpower because every Asian male has it, and remarkable small percentages learn how to control it.


la dra said...

so cute! Soon he'll be smiling at you on purpose and then his total power over you will be revealed.

Mama Nabi said...

... and what a cute Superhero he is.