Thursday, December 28, 2006

"First comes love, then comes marriage..."

Via Angry Asian Man comes news of a new "Asian American Wedding Blog Community started by the bride half of Hyphen Magazine's charity speed-dating's most successful match.

She writes, "Anyway, I'd love to somehow create a community for Asian American brides and grooms - both those who are planning their weddings and those who have already gone through their nuptuals - to share our experiences with each other." Interracial and same-sex couples are also welcome, she notes.

I assume that most of us fall into the "already gone through their nuptials" category [though hey, I could be wrong, and who am I to discriminate based on received stereotypes of traditional family structures? heh...], so why don't we go on over and share the wisdom of our experience? Heh. That means, of course, remind them (warn them?) of what comes after the wedding. You all know how the old rhyme ends....

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